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Did you know that you can obtain private DBQ’s and Nexus letters for your VA disability case?

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Why choose prestige medical

Prestige Veteran Medical Consulting is a veteran-owned family company that provides Independent Medical Opinions, often referred to as “Nexus Letters”, that discuss the nature of injuries or illnesses related to military service.

  • Over 10 years experience
  • Team made of US Army Veterans
  • Professional, Friendly and well-informed
  • Veteran owned family business comprised of a team of highly skilled health care experts


“After months of research and talking to a lot of companies that provide Nexus letters I decided on Prestige Veteran Medical. Leah recently provided me 3 Nexus letters that are professional, detailed and she case studies. She is extremely knowledgeable. Also what I very much appreciated was her honesty about what she could and couldn’t help me with. I would absolutely use this company again if I ever need to and recommend them. This was not a stressful process at all. Leah made this easy. I also appreciated Secure upload and payment site which I also appreciated. She is fast and very detailed. Definitely someone to trust. Thank you so much Prestige Veteran Medical!”

Pam Hart, Client

“Great company! Helped me several times! Great people and totally upfront with all information and recommendations. Helped me get a VA award that wasn’t easy but they supported the link back to “Service Connected” and the VA accepted their Medical Opinion!”

William Ridge, Client

Provides the highest support

“Thank you Leah for the OUTSTANDING SUPPORT on the Nexus Letter. Your company provides the highest support to the Veterans of the United States Military. I didn’t know where to turn to get these Nexus letter to support my claim. Your company has helped me win my cases with the VA. Thank you so much.”

Larry Picconi, Veteran

Got me the percentage I deserve

“I want to thank Leah for all the tremendous help she has given me. After so many denials and frustration I asked Leah for assistance and she was able to get me to the percentage I deserve. I could not thank her enough for her amazing assistance and truly am grateful to her for all she has done for me and my family.”

Lyra Granillo, Veteran

The biggest link in getting what we deserve

” have been working with Leah for over a year now. I would never even be remotely close to where I am with the VA. I’m blessed for her dedication, help, wisdom, and passion for what she does to help veterans. What she does for us is the biggest link in getting what we deserve from the sacrifices we took on. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me and those that you will continue to help everyday.”

Joey Ledford, Veteran
If you know that you’ve wanted an expert opinion for conditions you believe are service-connected, we may be a great option for you!