Prestige Veteran Medical Consulting

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About us

Prestige Veteran Medical Consulting provides Independent Medical Opinions in support of VA disability claims.  Often referred to as “Nexus Letters,” they are carefully crafted after reviewing your medical records.

Our Focus

We strive to exceed your expectations with an individual approach as well as industry-leading speed. Please see our FAQ page.

About Prestige Veteran Medical Consulting

Prestige Veteran Medical Consulting is a veteran-owned family company that provides Independent Medical Opinions, often referred to as “Nexus Letters”, that discuss the nature of injuries or illnesses related to military service. Our focus is on exceeding expectations by ensuring an individual approach to each client with industry-leading speed, typically under 7 days with, rush options available.

Our Mission

To provide timely, accurate, and professional Independent Medical Opinions and records review services. We strive to ensure that no Veteran is left behind in this new battlefield, the disability process.

Have you been considering an expert opinion for conditions you believe are service-connected? We may be a great option for you!

Our Vision

To be the nation’s premier Independent Medical Opinion organization for Veterans.