Blood pressure is not something the average person thinks about. However, if a person has high blood pressure or hypertension, this problem can negatively affect their overall health and well-being. In most cases, people with hypertension will be unaware of this condition for years. During this time, high blood pressure can wreck a person’s body. Generally, people with hypertension are at higher risk of a myriad of disorders to include things like stroke and heart attack.

If you are a veteran and have recently been diagnosed with hypertension, you need to weigh your chances of getting VA disability compensation for this condition. Here is some information you need to know about hypertension and VA disability compensation for this common health problem.

Common Symptoms Associated with Hypertension

Over 107 million people in the United States have hypertension. Only around 24% of these people have their hypertension under control. Before you are diagnosed with hypertension, you will probably experience a number of problems. Some of the most common signs that you have hypertension are:

· Irregular heartbeat

· Ongoing severe headaches

· Blood in your urine

· Frequent nosebleeds

· Issues sleeping

· Dizziness

· Feelings of anxiety and nervousness

Once you start to notice one or more of these problems, you should consider scheduling a visit with your primary care physician. With a few tests, your doctor can diagnose this condition and give you medication to manage your hypertension.

VA Disability Compensation for Hypertension

There is a common misconception that VA disability compensation only applies to conditions like PTSD and sleep apnea. In reality, the VA provides disability compensation for a host of conditions, including hypertension. Qualifying for these disability payments for hypertension will require you to meet criteria like:

· Recurring symptoms associated with hypertension

· Private or VA medical records stating you have hypertension

· Proof your hypertension was made worse by your military service or another service
connected disability.

One of the best ways to prove a service connection to your hypertension is by receiving an independent medical opinion. With the help of the team at Prestige Worldwide Medical Consulting, you can get evidence to assist you in your pursuit of VA disability.

Hypertension as a Secondary Service Connection

In some cases, hypertension in veterans is a secondary condition caused by severe sleep apnea. According to the American Heart Association, over 50% of people who have sleep apnea also have hypertension. Establishing this secondary connection will require you to prove that your obstructive sleep apnea has either caused or exacerbated your hypertension. Having a detailed Nexus letter allows you to establish this connection.

Often veterans suffering from mental health disorders like PTSD and depression can develop hypertension related to stress or possibly worsen their condition if it has already been established. Veterans suffering from chronic pain can also see spikes in their condition related not only to pain, but sometimes the medications they take to treat their condition.

Are you attempting to get VA disability compensation for your hypertension? If so, it is time to find out more about the services offered by our company.

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