In many situations, PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder – can occur after someone experiences a traumatic event such as an assault, disaster, or combat. After trauma, most people experience some type of stress reaction. However, if your reactions to these events do not go away as time passes or if they start to disrupt your life, you may have PTSD.

In some situations, you may be able to receive benefits or compensation for your PTSD condition.

Are You Eligible to Receive VA Disability Benefits?

You may be eligible to receive disability benefits if you are dealing with symptoms related to some traumatic event – which is the stressor – or if the experience you have with the stressor is directly linked to symptoms of PTSD and you meet the requirements to be eligible for disability benefits.

Below is a list of considerations for benefits:

· The stressor occurred during your time in service

· You are unable to function as well as you could in the past due to your symptoms

· A doctor or healthcare professional diagnosed you with PTSD

What Is Considered a Traumatic Event by the VA?

The following are considered a traumatic event:

· You were threatened with death, sexual assault, or injury

· You experienced a sexual violation, sexual trauma, or serious injury

How to Qualify for VA Benefits for Cases of PTSD

Navigating through the VA disability process, even for cases of PTSD, can be challenging. You must build a compelling case if you want to receive the benefits that you need and deserve. Sometimes, working with legal professionals can help with this.

The monthly benefit amount you receive is dependent on how severe your PTSD condition is. This is typically gauged by the severity of the symptoms and the frequency of episodes. The VA has acknowledged that these symptoms may impact family relationships and someone’s ability to maintain employment.

Compensation and Pension Exams for Cases of PTSD

Veterans must show there is a link between their PTSD and their military service to receive disability compensation. When acquiring a medical opinion, the VA will probably order a C&P exam – Compensation and Pension examination, to have a doctor determine and verify that your PTSD is actually a result of your time in service.

During the C&P exam for your PTSD condition, the medical professional will probably complete the DBQ – Disability Benefits Questionnaire. The DBQ is made up of standardized language and checkboxes to help ensure the disability evaluation is made correctly and quickly. Specifically, your doctor will check the box next to descriptions that accurately depict the disability presented in a question – in this situation, PTSD.

Receiving Benefits for Your PTSD

If you believe you should receive benefits for PTSD cases, the best thing you can do is know the requirements and seek professional assistance. By seeking help, it is going to ensure you get the benefits deserved for your PTSD condition. Independent Medical Opinions are never required however, they may be helpful tools in your pursuit of VA disability. They may be acquired from many sources to include your primary care doctor or the VA. 

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