Erectile dysfunction is a condition from which many men suffer yet rarely seek medical care. If you are dealing with a form of erectile dysfunction, your happiness and satisfaction with life may be negatively affected. You might qualify for VA disability benefits for your erectile dysfunction if you have served in the military.

Obtaining VA disability for erectile dysfunction requires three things that must be proved to receive disability. Often, proving these requirements can be difficult and tedious, leaving many claims denied and frustration to build. If you have served in the military and you have erectile dysfunction, meeting these criteria is crucial to your success in receiving benefits.

Three Criteria Needed For Erectile Dysfunction VA Disability

The first criteria needed for VA Disability to be awarded is evidence that the erectile dysfunction is due to an injury, illness, or event that occurred during military service. The second criteria require the professional medical diagnosis of this injury, illness, or event. And the third criteria requires that the cause and effect relationship between the specific event and military service be demonstrated.

Service Connection

The first of the three requirements that need to be met to receive VA benefits for erectile dysfunction is service connection. Evidence of an injury, illness, or event during military service that has led to the dysfunction must be proved. For example, this event could be a physical injury that caused physical trauma to the body or psychological trauma that affects the loss of sexual function.

Additionally, a service connection can be awarded if the erectile dysfunction stems from an already service-connection medical condition such as prostate cancer or others, making it a secondary service connection. In any three instances, proof of service connection comes from military service records, medical records, and consulting physician opinions.

Determining How Much VA Disability Will Be Paid For Erectile Dysfunction

While the VA has no specific disability rating code for erectile dysfunction, it does rate the various conditions under related listings. These codes pertain to medical procedures that were undergone to alleviate erectile dysfunction that is then given ratings that determine percentages.

Without receiving one of these eligible diagnostic and procedural codes, the VA typically grant a zero percent rating for erectile dysfunction. However, in this case, veterans who have a service connection yet a zero percent rating are eligible for Special Monthly Compensation for loss of use of a creative organ.

For any veteran suffering from erectile dysfunction, professional medical consultation and diagnosis are crucial in filing for VA disability assistance.

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